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‘Page One: Inside The New York Times’ At Cable Car

The New York Times had to call in a ringer to review this movie — Michael Kinsley, a senior editorial adviser at Bloomberg News. Kinsley isn’t that crazy about the film which “flits from topic to topic, character to character, explaining almost nothing.” Even worse,

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Dark Days For Network News

All the major network news outlets should hang their heads in shame for their coverage, or should I say creation, of the Florida ‘pastor’ story. They have elevated the profile of this idiot, and the two dozen morons who can tolerate his company, way beyond

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Local Band National News

Look who got a mention in today’s New York Times!  “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin” by the Low Anthem was a selection for this week’s Critics’ Choice; new CD’s. Happiest with the down tempo cuts, Jon Pareles writes . . . the quieter the music