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‘Page One: Inside The New York Times’ At Cable Car

8AM ON 25/07/2011
BY Beth Comery

the new york timesThe New York Times had to call in a ringer to review this movie — Michael Kinsley, a senior editorial adviser at Bloomberg News. Kinsley isn’t that crazy about the film which “flits from topic to topic, character to character, explaining almost nothing.” Even worse,

The unlikely hero of “Page One” is a media columnist and reporter named David Carr. . . widely admired for his reporting, his intelligence and his Tough Old Coot routine.

The movie swoons for Mr. Carr. We are told again and again — at least twice by Mr. Carr himself — that he used to be a cocaine addict and a single parent on welfare and has seen some things in his day. He smokes, and he says gnomic things like, “If you work for the media long enough, eventually you’ll type your way back to your own doorstep.” The only flaw in this act is his inability to be cynical about his employer. As he freely admits, David Carr loves The New York Times.

The insufferable Mr. Carr was a recent guest on ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ and he was not good company. Also showing this week is ‘Queen to Play’ starring Kevin Kline. Check the Cable Car website for times.

$9, through Thursday, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street

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Dark Days For Network News

7AM ON 11/09/2010
BY Beth Comery

Breaking NewsAll the major network news outlets should hang their heads in shame for their coverage, or should I say creation, of the Florida ‘pastor’ story. They have elevated the profile of this idiot, and the two dozen morons who can tolerate his company, way beyond the reality of his actual influence in the world. This was not a story! There are thousands of crackpots just like him all around the country — they should not be given time on the national (or local for that matter) evening news. That he has now influenced national foreign policy and endangered troops and civilians overseas is a disgrace. This morning’s tease on the Today Show went something like “We will be talking to the Florida pastor who has created such a firestorm of controversy. . .”. He didn’t create the controversy, NBC did. And ABC and CBS. Leading cable doofus, Chris Matthews, keeps deferring to this crackpot as a “man of the cloth”. Noooo, he’s a deluded, deranged, imbecile. And why NBC is shipping crazies in from Florida is impossible to understand — you’re in New York City, people, just look outside your window!

And let’s talk about Brian Williams for a second. This self-absorbed fathead has long considered himself the center of every news story, so much so that he actually devoted several minutes of coverage to the death of his own father, a complete unknown who did nothing of any importance. And I don’t know if Brian will ever get over Hurricane Katrina, poor dear. Worse he now seems to have recognized what a cash cow the whole “Greatest Generation” thing was for Brokaw, so we will have to hear about that all the time despite its non-newsworthiness.

Meanwhile the real lead story of the week? Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of The New York Times, told a London audience, “We will stop printing The New York Times sometime in the future, date TBD”. (HuffPo)

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Local Band National News

12PM ON 15/06/2009
BY Daily Dose

low anthem Look who got a mention in today’s New York Times!  “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin” by the Low Anthem was a selection for this week’s Critics’ Choice; new CD’s. Happiest with the down tempo cuts, Jon Pareles writes

. . . the quieter the music gets, in an elegy like “To Ohio” or a conditional reassurance like “(Don’t) Tremble,” the more its music inhabits its own otherworldly place, where ghosts and angels hover just out of view.

Congratulations, and thank you Low Anthem, for getting Providence mentioned in the national media for something other than . . . you know.



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