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Trout Season Opening Day

Today is the first day of the trout fishing season and Dave Henault of Ocean State Tackle on Branch Avenue has been up all night. By the time I stopped by the serious anglers were long gone, and Dave was helping a young man new

Trout Season Opens

Ocean State Tackle will be open all night tonight with the resident Zen masters dispensing bait and wisdom. For instance, did you know that trout fishing is a light tackle game? Light tackle offers sensitivity and a more natural presentation of baits and lures. .

Trout Fishing — Opening Day

And this is the place to be. Ocean State Tackle is staying open all day and all night long. The shop is normally open seven days from 5am to 9pm, but they will not be closing up tonight. From the Facebook page, Trout fishing Opening

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DEM — Fishing Season Starts, But . . .

The fishing season officially starts at sunrise today (Saturday) but the Department of Environmental Management urges caution. Due to the flooding event of last week there continues to be dangerously high waters and limited access in several rivers and streams. The Department warns fishermen to

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trout season starts today 6:00 AM

It’s easy — you just scoop them up with your hands — but you have to know where to go.