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Good Luck Rams!

“I was Rhode Island born and Rhode Island bred, and when I die I’ll be [clap, clap] Rhode Island dead!” You know the rest. Good luck to the URI Rams in their match against the Oregon Ducks today. The winner heads to Kansas City to

Highly Energetic Materials

This seems to be the proper term for explosives in the realm of scientific research. It’s never good news when URI professor Jimmie Oxley is being interviewed on television, still it is worth noting that the energetic materials experts in the chemistry department at URI

Night Football At Brown — Governor’s Cup

(10.3) The Brown University Bears (0/2) and the University of Rhode Island Rams (0/4) face off at Brown Saturday in the 100th Governor’s Cup. WPRI ran a little thing. Brown and Rhode Island have met 99 times, dating back to 1909, with the Bears holding

URI Shark Doc On PBS

Oh for an all-cartilage skeleton.  Life would be so easy. Tonight on PBS will be airing the URI documentary “Sharks: The Demon Fish?” I suspect their bad reputation will be somewhat rehabilitated by the end. The program, “Sharks: The Demon Fish?” examines how URI faculty

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Eyjafjallajökull Redux

If  you like watching car-sized chunks of molten rock getting tossed into the air like babies, then check out  “Volcanoes: Nature’s Ticking Time Bombs” tonight on “60 Minutes.” Scott Pelley visits three of the world’s most active volcano sites, including the Yellowstone supervolcano which will

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Media And Civic Engagement Showcase

The Harrington School of Communication and Media presents “Media and Civic Engagement Showcase.” Come see short videos, photography and more media that URI students have created for the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence this semester. Find out more about URI’s new Urban

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Thank You URI Hempfest And Sonic Titan

This was a hard act to follow. I should know. . . I had to follow it.  First, big thanks to Chris and Patrick et al. from the URI chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and dj/producer Reza Clifton and the team over at

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Am I Blue? You Betcha. Go Rams!

I can’t believe I am left to cover the basketball beat, but even I know that this is a huge deal. And I am after all the resident Ramette and I know how to look things up, so here goes. According to, The Rhode

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Programming Note — URI On ’60 Minutes’

Finally Rhode Island is getting some national exposure for something really awesome. Tonight on 60 Minutes Lara Logan interviews Dr. Bob Ballard of the URI Graduate School of Oceanography. She joined a recent expedition last September when his crew discovered a new site, a 1400-year-old

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“. . . Rhode Island Dead”

I just love that yesterday’s dire article in The New York Times about our floundering home state includes the crazy URI fight song, which really can’t be appreciated without the little staccato handclap just before the above phrase (I perform this song with some frequency). 

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Poor, poor Rams

They won today, but need to beat Charlotte next weekend just to get back to .500 in the A-10, even after starting 19-3. And it seems like they need to make it to the conf championship game to have a real shot at the tourney.

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The weekend in politics

I’m feeling pretty pooped out on politics right now, but if you’re not, there’s some big stuff going on: Ted Kennedy, in support of Barack Obama, at URI at 12:30 today. (Remember to ask him why he’s trying to kill Cape Wind.) The Guild Follies,

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URI says sharks gonna eat all the penguins

Or something like that: BEIJING, Feb. 19 (Xinhuanet) — It’s been 40 million years since Antarctic waters were warm enough for sharks to lurk around and feed on polar prey, but rising ocean temperatures from global warming could eventually bring the toothy predators back, media

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URI faltering?

Lost to Temple last night. Lost to Mass, and barely beat Fordham. And only 6-4 in the Atlantic 10. They’re still 20-5 over-all, but uh-ohs… PC is miserable. But Brown’s second in the Ivies, and within striking distance. Are they the dark-horse RI candidate to

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URI goes to 18-3

Looks like they’re inching back towards a top-25 spot: The Rams improved to 18-3 (4-2 A-10), equaling their best start since the 1987-88 season when they went 18-3 through their first 21 games. ESPN is hosting an online chat with URI’s guard Parfait Bitee today