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Sequester Dampens WaterFire Schedule

11AM ON 17/04/2013
BY Daily Dose

low tide First the Quonset Air Show and now this. The Providence Journal reports,

Organizers of Providence’s “WaterFire” project said Monday they are unable to set a schedule for the popular tourist event because budget cuts may hit the federal agency that operates the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier.

The barrier plays a supporting role in the outdoor theater that is the riverway event as the contraption helps regulate water levels in the Providence River and its tributaries. That role has grown more important as silt builds up in the riverbed making it difficult for the boats that feed

(That sentence just ends there for some reason, but it might have said “the braziers” or “the fires,” definitely not “the ducks.”)

Your United States Congress: Helping to suck all the joy out of life for working stiffs everywhere.

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Last WaterFire Of Season

8AM ON 06/10/2012
BY Daily Dose

WaterFire (10.6) Tonight’s schedule is a little different to accommodate a special event.  Lighting of the bonfires in the basin takes place at 7:45pm; the rest will be lit at 7pm. Spogga, gargoyles, living statues, luminaria, and music.

WaterFire is accompanied by music selected by Barnaby Evans that combines recorded natural sounds with eclectic and unusual music related to the ritual, religious, and symbolic sources of the sculpture.

The soundtrack often returns to works by four principal composers—the Estonian composer Arvo Part’s modern reinterpretations of ancient Christian and Russian Orthodox liturgical music; the Armenian folk melodies played by Djivan Gasparyan on the Duduk or Nay (an Armenian oboe); the American avant-garde composer David Hykes’ settings of various religious music for small chorus using vocal techniques derived from Tibetan “overchanting”; and selections from Nicholas Lens’ brilliant work Flamma Flamma—The Fire Requiem.

Free, 7pm to midnight, WaterFire, Saturday, October 6, downtown on the river

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Salon At The Athenaeum — ArtPlace 2012

10PM ON 26/09/2012
BY Daily Dose

athenaeum (9.28) Join founders and artistic directors Sebastian Ruth, Community MusicWorks, and Barnaby Evans, WaterFire Providence, along with Providence’s Director of the Department of Arts, Culture + Tourism, Lynne McCormack in a discussion of ArtPlace 2012.

In June, ArtPlace, a consortium of major private and public sector funders focused on creative placemaking, announced 47 highly selective grant awards nationwide; Providence’s Community MusicWorks and WaterFire were among the grantees. Join us to learn about ArtPlace’s strategies to cultivate diversity and vibrancy in communities, as well as CMW’s and WaterFire’s award-winning initiatives to strengthen the Providence community through the arts — the success of their projects will depend on the engagement of community members like you!

Free and open to the public, 5pm to 7pm, Friday, September 28, Providence Athenaeum, 251 Benefit Street

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7AM ON 15/09/2012
BY Daily Dose


(9.15) Eighty fires accompanied by atmospheric piped-in music — tonight with a special Luminaria Procession from 7pm to 7:30pm from Roger Williams National Green to Memorial Park from co-sponsor RI Rally for Recovery.

It’s Salsa night over at the Turk’s Head ballroom: dance lessons from 7pm to 8pm; the Latin Heartbeat Orchestra plays 8pm to midnight.

Blue illuminated koi will be traveling up and down the river. The gargoyles, oracles, Origami Guy, Pierrot, and Spogga (who seems to be cultivating a very fetching fire maiden cohort, part of his evil design of world domination through fire dancing.)

Ignition 6:56pm, ends midnight, Saturday, September 15, WaterFire, downtown on the river

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11PM ON 31/08/2012
BY Daily Dose


(9.1) When architect William Warner first surveyed this site it was a scrawny river almost completely obscured by parking lots and railroad tracks . . . but somehow he saw this. The New York Times wrote up Waterplace Park back in 1999,

THE Providence that greeted a generation of visitors during the dark days of urban renewal might have stood as an emblem of the demise of American downtowns. Choked with roads, strewn with rubble and crowded with hard-top parking lots, the grim center of this city seemed blighted beyond redemption.

But today this half-mile swath bears a new name, Waterplace Park, and with its new outlook hints of a Venice in New England. Much of the credit goes to the architect William D. Warner, who, though he didn’t exactly part the asphalt, has created a model of urban revitalization, turning what was once a desert of hardtop and highway into a canal and promenade.

It seems possible that the ProJo is looking through its archives for some before-and-after shots for the Sunday edition. A major tribute is in order. (A photo gallery is up.)

Tonight’s sponsor is Mohegan Sun who will be running ‘Casino 101′ tables on Steeple Street. “Learn how to play poker, blackjack, craps & roulette! Real Mohegan dealers will be on site to teach you the ropes and how to play the odds.” *sigh* Tonight’s music: Listen for Edith Piaf, Philip Glass, Chopin, Vivaldi, Bill Frisell, Pink Martini, Wim Mertens, Ry Cooder, the Nashville Mandolin Trio, and more.

(Photo by James Turner)

WaterFire ignition 7:20pm, Saturday, September 1, downtown on the river

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WaterFire Shows Solidarity For Pussy Riot

2PM ON 22/08/2012
BY Tim Blankenship


At the recent WaterFire lighting on August 18th WaterFire fire-tenders sported multi-colored balaclavas and stoked the fires while Pussy Riot’s latest single  Putin Lights Up the Fires played for the crowd. While WaterFire’s soundtrack traditionally features classical music, and opera this punk rock song was added to show support for the three members of the band who were recently sentenced to two years in prison for “hooliganism” after being “arrested in March after a guerrilla performance in Moscow’s main cathedral where they high-kicked and danced while singing…

WaterFire joined a rising tide of support for the band which has included colorful protests in cities around the world, including Moscow and Belfast.

The symbolic act, which was covered by the Associated Press, was described on WaterFire’s facebook page as “a show of solidarity with the concept of artistic freedom of expression and in protest of governments worldwide that seek to stifle it.”

For more information about why you should care about the fate of three Russian riot grrls please read this piece by Keiran Dodds of The Cambridge Union Society.

(Photo by Barnaby Evans)

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The Stooges Brass Band – The Speakeasy – Saturday

9PM ON 16/08/2012
BY Dean Weinberg

Summit Music Festival after party, featuring the Stooges Brass Band, the Mighty Good Boys, and Smith & Weeden.

The Speakeasy (downstairs at Local 121)

Saturday, August 18, 10pm


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10AM ON 21/07/2012
BY Daily Dose

starry starry (7.21) At the TD Ballroom— Congolese Rumba; lessons and performance by Rumbafrica. Over at Memorial Park, check out the Gargoyles and Oracles from Ten31 Productions (little kids find these characters pretty interesting).

Hey, liquid cookies! Between 6pm and 10pm visit the Dunkin’ Donuts tent on Washington Street for free samples of the new Oreo Coolattas, because who the hell has time for chewing these days. Even sipping seems such a bother . . . let us know when they invent the Oreo drip.

The scheduled music program is posted on the website shortly before the night of.

The soundtrack changes with each performance and works by artists from throughout the globe are deliberately juxtaposed. The emotional character of the music is opposed to the minimalism of the sculpture—just as fire is paired with water. The music program begins before sunset and ends at 1am on all full WaterFire events.

Tonight’s music includes: Ry Cooder, Mamadou Diabate, Mike Figgis, “Fry Bread” from Smoke Signals, Chopin, “Chapa Blues Band” by Victor Deme, Low Anthem, Trombone Shorty, Bellini, Bon Iver, and of course Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” . . . everybody sing!

Head over to Starry Starry Night and make a donation.

Ignition at sunset 8:15pm, Saturday, July 21, WaterFire, downtown

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11PM ON 06/07/2012
BY Daily Dose

WaterFire (7.7) Head downtown Saturday for a full-blown, 80-brazier WaterFire. You know the drill — Gargoyles, Oracles, Spogga, mimes, Andean pan pipes, and fried dough. (And last time there were some awesome yo-yo kids including state champ Zach Gorton. Hope they return.)

And music. The scheduled music program is posted on the website shortly before the night of.

The soundtrack changes with each performance and works by artists from throughout the globe are deliberately juxtaposed. The emotional character of the music is opposed to the minimalism of the sculpture—just as fire is paired with water. The music program begins before sunset and ends at 1am on all full WaterFire events.

Tonight’s music includes: Nick Drake, Nessun Dorma, Coleman Hawkins, Anthony and the Johnsons, Bach, Gipsy Kings, Chopin, Irving Berlin, Mexican folk songs, and Philip Glass (natch).

Ignition at sunset 8:23pm, Saturday, July 7, WaterFire, downtown

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3PM ON 22/06/2012
BY Daily Dose


(6.23) It looks like the weather will clear up well before ignition; the WaterFire website is updated regularly regarding such matters. Shouldn’t be a problem though. On tap for Saturday,

7pm to 8pm — TD Ballroom, free swing dance lessons, then dance till midnight, Westminster at Weybosset

8pm to 10pm — along the river, Gargoyles, Oracles, Spogga, Origami Guy

Sunset to 11pm — Starry Starry Night (pictured here, held every full lighting)

One hundred luminous blue stars are suspended in the triangular grove of trees in Memorial Park. Beneath the beautiful blue stars are hundreds of Luminaria candle lanterns flickering on the lawn. Add your light to the night and make a special dedication in the Starry, Starry Night field in exchange for a $20 donation. Write your wish on a white ribbon and attach it to your own luminous blue star, which you can hang amongst the trees in the constellation overhead for all to view and enjoy. For this donation you will also receive two Luminaria candle lanterns with special dedication cards to be displayed underneath your personal star.

WaterFire, 8:24pm to midnight, Saturday, June 23, downtown

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WaterFire Welcomes Netroots, And Everyone Else Too

8AM ON 08/06/2012
BY Beth Comery

WaterFire (6.9) Saturday’s WaterFire comprises a weird amalgam of the Netroots Nation, Portuguese heritage, and a Gaspee historical reenactment (not the burning part, the plotting and leaving part). Check out the WaterFire website for details and complete explanation. There are a few unusual elements in Saturday’s schedule. First there’s the whole Gaspee thang commemorating the night when approximately 70 men rowed out from Providence in eight long boats on June 9th in 1772 to attack the Gaspee and fired the first shot of the Revolutionary War.

To commemorate this event, members of the Buzzards Bay Rowing Club and the Azorean Rowing Club, are passing through the fires at 10pm with their whaling boats.  Whaling boats are similar to the original long-boats and we thank them for their participation.  The Pawtuxet Rangers Fife and Drum Corps will be on the Crawford Street Bridge at 10:10 pm playing as the longboats pass beneath them on their way to Namquid Point. The Pawtuxet Rangers were commissioned in 1774 to help protect the ports, ships, and shoreline of RI against the Royal Navy.

And Sabin’s Tavern comes to life.

One block from the original site of Sabin’s Tavern we are creating the New Sabin’s Tavern in cooperation with the Wild Colonial at the intersection of South Water Street and Power Street. Sample period liquors and fine ales in a historic site and witness a recreation of this historic debate among the citizens of Providence.  Performances will be during the evening from 9pm on at the high table out front by Power Street.

So actors have been hired to pretend they are drinking and arguing? If this is who I think it is, they have been researching their roles assiduously.

Sunset 8:24pm, WaterFire, Saturday, June 9, downtown along the river

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Full-On WaterFire

9AM ON 25/05/2012
BY Daily Dose

spogga (5.26) First of the season. Eighty bonfires till midnight timed to coincide with Brown Commencement and alumni weekend. This is what you do with your parents.

Starry starry night, the Oracles, Spogga the Fire Dancer, fried dough, Luminaria, Joe Castiglione (what?), and the Origami Guy

Free, ignition at sunset, 8:10pm, Saturday, May 26, WaterFire, downtown on the river

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WaterFire Fundraiser At Fête

1PM ON 02/05/2012
BY Daily Dose

WFFete (5.4) WaterFire Providence is throwing their season kick-off fundraiser at Fête.

Join us for an evening of genre-defying music ranging from acoustic folk, Americana, Middle Eastern gypsy fusion, indie/experimental, funk, and electronica. Enjoy Fête’s two stages with continuous live music plus an impromptu block party featuring a DJ and fire dancing throughout the night.

Featuring Boo City, Herra Terra, Tig & Bean, Spogga Hash, Troop of Echoes, Tevellus and more. Poster after the jump.

7pm to 2am, all ages, Friday, May 4, $10 advance, $15 door, Fête, 103 Dike Street

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Special Friday Mini WaterFire

10AM ON 16/12/2011
BY H.L. Parker

WaterFire (12.16) A partial WaterFire is scheduled for tonight — as well as Santa and carolers and free cookies — from 5pm to 8:30pm. Thirty-two braziers between Exchange Street down to the College Street bridge are getting torched. The event has been funded by an anonymous donor as a gift to the City of Providence and to benefit the Providence Rescue Mission. And during the day,

The Providence Rescue Mission staff and volunteers will be grilling up and dishing out donated Capital Grille burgers and 1149 Restaurant Cajun chicken sandwiches in RISD’s Market Square from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

WaterFire is encouraging the public to bring donations of new unwrapped toys and gifts, food, clothing and other items to Market Square for the Providence Rescue Mission.

WaterFire, 5pm to 8:30pm, Friday, December 16, between College and Exchange Streets

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1PM ON 13/08/2011
BY H.L. Parker

Flower of Fire Full WaterFire tonight, ignition at dusk. Fire sponsor Bananagrams will have a free game area set up at Market Square from 6pm to 11pm — win prizes. Live salsa music and performances at the ballroom stage in front of the Turks Head Building. Also, head over to Confluence Park (the little pointy area) for the Flower of Fire which may or may not look something like this.

A fire sculpture of a flower by artists Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein will be set alight on the confluence downstream from the Steeple Street Bridge at 9:25pm during WaterFire Providence on. The collaboration between Moerlein and Dodson is born from a mutual love of the wild. Moerlein takes inspiration from events in the natural world that leave visual marks which strike a narrative chord in the artist. Dodson takes inspiration from the mysterious nature of animals that spark her imagination. Together these artists seek to create a piece that will surge up from the earth and burst into flame as if it was a creation of nature. The artists are looking to the heavens for inspiration this year.

Last August they torched a phoenix in the same location. Video after the jump.

7:47pm to midnight, WaterFire, Saturday, August 13, downtown

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No Diving

1PM ON 30/07/2011
BY H.L. Parker

WaterFire Jeez, this sure looks a whole lot better at high tide . . . in the dark . . .  with a hunk of fried dough in your hand. The theme for tonight’s WaterFire is Philharmonic on Fire! The Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Francisco Noya will perform live at 9pm at the Turk’s Head Plaza at Weybosset and Westminster Streets.

Approximately 3,000 chairs will be placed in the Plaza for audience members and the live music will be streaming throughout WaterFire for all to hear while enjoying the flames of WaterFire.

The music program will include Wagner’s Ride of Valkyries, excerpts from Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition and Mendelssohn’s Scherzo from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Festival Ballet Providence Professional Company will join the orchestra presenting two world premier works. Guest singer, Diana McVey will join the orchestra singing Dvorak’s Song to the Moon from Rusalka, the Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 for Soprano and Cellos, and Puccini’s O mio babbino caro.

Real crowd-pleasers, every single one.

Ignition at sunset about 8:05pm, Philharmonic etc. 9pm, Saturday, July 30, Downtown



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