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WaterFire Arts Center Ribbon Cutting

(6.19) This building is almost entirely windows with some brickwork in between to hold the structure up. The WaterFire Arts Center website explains how this excessive fenestration served the needs of the original U.S. Rubber Company: The WFAC has a great number of large windows.


(5.19) The WaterFire season kicks off Friday with all the bells and whistles. Sponsored by Providence College to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Prior to lighting, the Providence College performance group I Cantori, directed by TJ Harper, will perform on Waterplace Basin stage. Performance begins at

WaterFire Salute To Veterans

(11.5) WaterFire celebrates veterans with a full 80-brazier lighting at their 4th annual WaterFire Salute to Veterans event. The evening will include a veterans resource fair, ceremonies, and tributes throughout the night. The WaterFire lighting begins with a 150 Veteran Torch Procession and 300 Veteran

WaterFire With Tango

(9.4) It’s a long weekend so WaterFire is Sunday. It’s a full lighting with the living statues and gargoyles, fire dancers, and the Cocktail Garden Under the Willows over by Waterplace Basin, courtesy of Willa Van Nostrand of Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails and her rotating


(7.23) Don’t forget the matches. A full lighting, origami, fire spinners, gargoyles, the beer garden — and a timely nod to the wisdom of Edward R. Murrow — is just some of what’s on tap for this Saturday’s WaterFire. Before ignition: From 6pm to 8pm

Full WaterFire

(5.28) Tonight is the first full WaterFire of the season with 80 braziers flaming away. The music playlist includes Bach, Vivaldi, Kareem Roustom, Yo-Yo Ma, ‘Vissi D’Arte’ by Puccini (the goosebump song), the Low Anthem, and ‘Lake Bed’ by Brown Bird. Many of the songs

Future WaterFire Arts Center

Who doesn’t drive around this city imagining great uses for this or that old mill building. And if this building is the one I think it is, I had plans for a roller rink on the first floor. WaterFire Providence has just launched Episode 1

WaterFire Mascot Found!

[Additional Note: Tim has left a long comment below on the the entire ordeal. Of course they can only guess at parts of the story. So relieved this had a happy outcome. BC] What a great way to start the week. Bet they’re celebrating down

Help Find Bean/Found

[FOUND — January 24th!] Lost in the Regent Avenue neighborhood. Bean, the WaterFire mascot dog, is still missing. This is personal here at the Dose. Bean is cared for (and dressed and photographed) by Dose creator and designer, Tim Blankenship. In addition to being the

Christmas WaterFire — Sponsored by Anonymous

(12.18) Festivities Friday night at the Waterplace Park Basin. Enjoy the spirit of Christmas at the 5th Annual Christmas WaterFire benefiting and showcasing the work of the Providence Rescue Mission and as a gift to the City of Providence! Thanks to an anonymous donor the 34 braziers in the Waterplace Park Basin

WaterFire Salute To Veterans

(11.7) Events start early for the WaterFire Salute to Veterans. This is a full lighting with eighty braziers. At 4:30 p.m. we’ll kick off the WaterFire lighting with a 150 Veteran Torch Procession and 300 Veteran Ring of Fire in Waterplace Basin. WaterFire Providence invites you

WaterFire & Big Drum Powwow

(9.27) Celebrate Chinese Culture Night tonight at WaterFire. Sponsored by the U.S.-China Institute and Confucius Institute at Bryant University, it will feature a Chinese dragon dance, shadow puppetry, and check out the Chinese silk, paper cutting, calligraphy, and knots, on Steeple Street. Knots! Where else

Full WaterFire

(9.12) This week’s WaterFire is sponsored by the people who brought you retainers, headgear, and palate expanders — yes, say aaaah to your friendly neighborhood orthodontists.  And “thank you,” because as humiliating as those adolescent tortures felt at the time, thank god my parents got

WaterFire — Now With More Tango

(8.29) Full WaterFire lighting tonight — 80 braziers, count ’em. And the Argentines return with spontaneous outbursts of tango dancing. Special tango music is mixed into the tonight’s music program to get you moving. Performers come from Providence Tango, Argentine Tango at the Towers, and

Full WaterFire — Willkommen

(8.1) WaterFire celebrates direct flights to Germany and Hep C awareness (you try and write that sentence). Gerbermuhle:  Biergarten Unter den Weiden in partnership with Trinity Brewhouse.   In a friendly salute to our new international air partner, Frankfurt, Germany (with non-stop flights on Condor Air

WaterFire — Instagram Scavenger Hunt

(7.18) Rain or shine. There’s inclement weather in the forecast but a full-bore, 80 brazier, WaterFire will go on as planned. The event kicks off with a 100 person torch Ring of Fire surrounding the circle of braziers in Waterplace Basin, and the Social Media Team will