Tomorrow: Prov Kickball Championship

A Happy Kickball The schedule:

3 pm Death Squad vs. Cunning Baffling Powerful (Liberty Div Pennant)
4 pm Mississippi Shakedown vs. Holy Rollers (Freedom Div Pennant)
5 pm Green BarBarians vs. The Stilettos in THE FESTIVAL OF LOSERS

6 pm Liberty Div Champ vs. Freedom Div Champ: THE HYPERBOWL

Sadly my sometimes team, The Steamroller, ended up in that middling category: too crappy to play for the championship, but not shitty enough to play for the Losers’ Cup. So I’ll just be spectating.

Post-championship festivities at the Plant.

Here’s all the info.

1 thought on “Tomorrow: Prov Kickball Championship”

  1. Sending extra spunk to all kickballaz out there, specially in Provi.
    And. This website is sweet.
    And. Enjoy!

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