Local Brilliance: The Brother Kite

The Brother Kite

There’s something about Providence where guitar-pop bands are often ignored and criminally overlooked. The Brother Kite most definitely suffers from this cold-shoulderism, and it’s a shame, because they are the most strikingly beautiful guitar band that Providence has ever known.

Think I’m shitting on you with bullshit and baseless hype? ‘What about small factory?’ you whine? get with the times old man, and have a listen to their sprawling, epic, and incredibly gorgeous “Waiting For The Time“, from their most recent record Waiting For the Time to be Right. The Brother Kite effortlessly encompass the late 60’s pop of The Who Sell Out and of course Pet Sounds. There’s even a little echo of the Bee Gees excellent first record here. But they also sound refreshingly modern(ish), at times hovering gently over the mid-nineties shoegazing sounds of Lush, Slowdive and the thrilling sugar rush of My Bloody Valentine’s Isn’t Everything. In the afformentioned “Waiting For The Time”, you are led along a vapor trail of pipe organ and beautifuly tight and layered vocal harmonies before the band brings down the crushing hangover.

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  1. Saw them at AS220 a month ago, and they were phenomenal. And what struck me most is just how tight their performance was, not to mention each song treading a delicate balance of experimentation, completeness and “catchyness”.

  2. “A vapor trail…” – nice Ride reference. Yes, TBK are far too unduely neglected, and have been making some amazingly ambitious shoegaze pop for a while now. Their contribution to the Adult Swim Warm & Scratchy comp was one of the best tracks on there…

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