So I Just Paid $1.49 for ‘In Rainbows’…


We live in a scary and amazing new world people. The new Radiohead record (?) came out this morning, and as previously mentioned, it’s available for free, or a lot, or as much as you want. I chose $1.00, ’cause I love Radiohead and they don’t need the money, and with the service charge it came to $1.49. It took a minute to download, the only downside is that for now, it’s a low-ish quality zip file, but I don’t think I’ll be able to hear a difference what with tinnitus and all. I haven’t listened to it yet because I’m in White Electric. maybe I’ll burn them a copy since I’ve been bumming their internet all week…

2 thoughts on “So I Just Paid $1.49 for ‘In Rainbows’…”

  1. I can’t say for certain since it was in British money, but i paid 99 pence. Or is it quid?

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