David Byrne’s a thief.

It turns out that there was other stuff going on in 1979, too, besides my birth and Muppet paganism.

At least two songs were sung in 1979 that remain relevant and elegant-seeming even yet — and profoundly so if you’re a somewhat unsettled and self-indulgent 20-something, up too late on a Saturday night. (Because you were up too late on Friday, because you were up too late on Thursday, because you took a stupid nap on Thursday afternoon, because you had to be at a meeting in North Providence at 8 on Thursday morning.)

Anyway, the Talking Heads are amazing. But more amazing yet, when you insist on pretending that their best expression of 20/30-something angst was lifted from Lipps Inc.’s opus, Funky Town. (The part before the change. It’s one of those songs that might as well be two different songs.)


And DB’s answer: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51IZG6Ryeis]

(For some reason I always assume that Memphis is a stand-in for Providence.)

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