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Blood DiamondFight for a Living Wage There’s a lot going on at Brown this week. Check out the calendar for everything, but in there early part of the week, there’s this:

Monday, 8:30-10PM

Blood Diamond

Macmillan 117

Come watch the movie Blood Diamond and engage in a follow up discussion about current issues involving child soldiers in Africa. Sponsored by Uganda Action as part of Uganda Awareness Week.

Tuesday, 4-5:30PM

Leung Gallery

“The Living Wage”, with Paul Sonn of New York University School of Law, James Sherk of the Heritage Foundation, and Oren Levin-Waldman of The Metropolitan College of New York.

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  1. One of the dudes on the panel is from the Heritage Foundation. I can’t imagine his contributionn will be to insightful. Should be an interesting event, anywho.

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