LLIK YOUR IDOLS Take heed, as we keep hearing that Providence is the new Lower East Side of the 1980s, plus 20 years and minus some increment of heroin.

After the Geeks, and off of Fort Thunder:

Cool French documentary with screenings in Seattle, Berlin DE, Lausanne CH, Sidney AU, Strasbourg FR, San Francisco…

… and Providence

AS220, Wednesday 10/17, 10:30pm, FREE

LLIK YOUR IDOLS, directed by Angelique Bosio (2007, France, 69 min.). This provocative documentary features iconic artists Richard Kern, Nick Zedd, Thurston Moore, Lydia Lunch, Joe Coleman, Richard Hell, plus other luminaries of the “Cinema of Transgression” movement. LLIK YOUR IDOLS, produced by Kidam and directed by Angelique Bosio, is a 69-minute documentary that depicts the explosive scene in New York during the eighties, and celebrates with cynicism the changes in that unique city under Reagan and Bush senior. Under the banners of Cinema of Transgression and No Wave (Sonic Youth, The Swans, Lydia Lunch, The Butthole Surfers, Foetus), a bunch of “insolent kids” (including Richard Kern, Lydia Lunch, Joe Coleman and Nick Zedd) briefly become the new anti-heroes. Scornful and flippant, their films and music violently attack conformity they see all around them, highlighting an erotically-charged and sardonic movement. LLIK YOUR IDOLS is a non-nostalgic examination of characters that have since become established artists.


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