Yo, Who Else Is Feeling Wale?

IMG_5075 I’m addicted to Wale’s mixtape. It’s getting more rewinds than that Diplo v DJ Shadow joint. But, despite my friend Michaelle’s vote of approval, I can’t shake the feeling that he’ll suffer a fate like Lupe Fiasco, who Mark Ronson called a cockface. Please comment with your thoughts on the W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. I really agree with that shit: You just want to have some nice jeans and kicks. Nick Catchdubs, of the Fools Gold camp, is coming to Providence Is Burning. The next jump off is October 31st with Gogol Bordello minus a lead singer, a $35K performance fee and a PA (AKA What Cheer Brigade) and cool shit starting at 9pm (eg. whiskey apples).

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