Providence Zombie Film Festival

Zombie Film Festival This Friday Oct. 26, the Providence Zombie Film Festival commences with a lecture by Max Brooks, New York Times best-sellling author of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War and The Zombie Survival Guide. The festival runs through Halloween. They’ve got some real gems on the line up and tickets are free. Pick ’em up at the Cable Car.

Check out the schedule:

All movies to be shown at the Cable Car.

Friday Oct 26
6 pm Lecture by Max Brooks, followed by book signing
Brown University
Macmillan 117
**Free and Open to the Public**
9:30 pm Fido

Saturday Oct 27
7 pm Choking Hazard
9:30 pm Homecoming AND Graveyard Alive
Double bill

Sunday Oct 28
5 pm I Walked with a Zombie
7 pm Evil (To Kako)
Monday Oct 29
7 pm Flesh for Frankenstein
9:30 pm Z: A Zombie musical

Tuesday Oct 30
7 pm White Zombie AND Silver Heads (Serebryanye golovy)
Double bill
9:30 pm Last Rites of the Dead

Wednesday Oct 31
7 pm Re-cycle (Gwai-wik)

I’ll see you there!

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