AS220 Community printshop open to public

Letterspress Type Watch out! AS220’s community print shop is now open for the public to use!

The print shop, located at 95 Mathewson Street #210 downtown in the Dreyfus Building offers affordable introductory classes is many forms of printmaking; including but not limited to: silkscreen, letterpress, intaglio, monoprinting and relief printing! People of all ages are encouraged to come and take a class or two!

The print shop also offers blocks of time in which someone can sign up to print, provided they already know how. There is a print shop “open house” the first Monday of every month at 6pm, anyone who is interested should come and check it out!

The shop is open daily from 1pm to 1am. For more information and classtimes, please email, call 401-831-9327, or visit our myspace page.

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