News You Definitely Can’t Use

From the interslice:

–Mob bosses voted on wacking Giuliani in ’86 (DailyNews)
–Also, Giuliani not really sure what torture is, but I bet the mob could have shown him a few things (NYT blog)
–Facebook valued at $15 Billion. That’s $300 per face. (HuffPo)
–Bloody-handed protester gets all up in Condi Rice’s face. It’s incredible how close she gets to her, where’s Blackwater when you need them? (video, HuffPo)
–Obama’s “Embrace The Change” tour adds gay minister to balance out minister that hates gays. (HuffPo)
–On Iraq War’s nearly $2 trillion pricetag, White House’s Dana Perino: “I’m not worried about the number.” Well that makes exactly one of us. (Thinkprogress)
–Hey Obama, while you’re at it I think Mike Tyson may be available. (HuffPo)

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