AS220 Community Print Shop: NOVEMBER SCHEDULE

Letterspress Type HEY FRIENDS!!! the print shop class/event schedule for NOVEMBER is finally ready!
Open House!!! – MONDAY NOV.5th, 6pm – FREE
Any and all interested in learning a bit about the shop and how it works, come to the FREE shop open house! We walk you through the shop and show off our awesome facilities (silkscreen, letterpress, intaglio!) If you miss it this month, don’t worry! There’s an open house the first Monday of every month, at 6pm.

LETTERPRESS I – THURSDAY NOV.8th, 5pm-9pm – $25
LETTERPRESS II – THURSDAY NOV. 15th, 5pm-9pm – $25
LETTERPRESS III – THURSDAY NOV. 29th, 5pm-9pm – $25
This course provides a quick, basic introduction to letterpress. Participants learn to ink the press, adjust pressure, adjust roller height, register and feed a sheet of paper, make an impression and then clean the press. Creating and using plastic plates in combination with metal movable type to create your own vision in letterpressed embossment. Participants must take ALL THREE letterpress classes in order to be certified to use the letterpress during print time. The total cost of taking all 3 classes is $75.

T – SHIRT SILKSCREEN – SATURDAY NOV. 10th, 1pm-5pm – $25
Student will learn the very basics of screen-printing 1-color images on t-shirts, using the photo-emulsion process. They will also discover the best methods for keeping t-shirts flat, using the proper ink for fabric, as well as how to properly set the ink into the shirt using the hot press or other at household methods. By the end of the class, students will have produced a wearable, 1-color t shirt!

RELIEF PRINTING – SUNDAY NOV. 11th, 1pm-5pm – $25
Students will learn basic carving techniques with gouges, as well as introduction to the use of a dremel as a relief-carving tool. Within the class, students will have the opportunity to work on single color linoleum and a wood block. Printing using hand techniques in addition to using the etching press and experimenting with papers will all be covered by the instructor.

INTRO TO SILKSCREEN – TUESDAY NOV. 13th, 5pm-9pm – $25
INTRO TO SILKSCREEN – SUNDAY NOV. 18th, 1pm-5pm – $25
This course provides a quick, basic introduction to silkscreen. Participants will learn cut paper stencils, direct crayon resist block out, photographic emulsion techniques using both hand drawn positives, and dpi photographs on laser printers, ink mixing, registration and printing methods. Students will be provided with a small supply list when they sign up for the course.
Students DO NOT need to take both classes to be certified to screen-print in the studio, ONE 4-hour class is sufficient.

Join us for a crafty holiday workshop!!! Learn simple silkscreen and linoleum techniques and make some holiday presents and cards using pom-poms and glitter so you won’t have to deal with doing it later!!! “F” ART LETS GET CRAFTY!!!!!!!!!!! BYOS (bring your own supplies!). We will provide AWESOME food and drink and MAYBE STEAM SOME CIDER AND GET SOME COFFEE FROM DUNKIES!!! ALSO we have an IPOD!!! But we promise not to play holiday music. ALL AGES!!!

This course will cover a number of different types of water based monoprinting techniques, such as trace monotype, additive/eductive monotype, watercolor transfer, Xerox transfer and multi-plate registration. This combination of mediums will intrigue both the printmaker who’s looking to loosen up, and the painter who\’s looking to broaden their horizons.

to SIGN UP for classes, email, do it fast cause SPACE IS LIMITED!! If you have questions, email morgan or visit the printshop on myspace ( and send us a message!
to GUARANTEE A SPOT in the class you MUST pay for the class in advance!!

CLASSES now cost ONLY $25 per 4-hour session, unless otherwise noted.
PRINT TIME now also only costs $25 per 4-hour session, to sign up for print time, email

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