AS220 Community Print Shop’s 1st annual Holiday Craft/Print Party!

Craft/Print Party You should come to AS220 Community Print Shop’s FIRST annual HOLIDAY CRAFT PRINT AFTERNOON WEEKEND PARTY PARTY!!!!!!!

It’s this SATURDAY November 17th, 1-5pm at the DREYFUS Building (95 Mathewson St. #210, Providence, RI 02903). There’s a $5 cover/donation (baby, we’re a non-profit), but it’s WICKED well worth it ’cause you MIGHT JUST LEARN SOMETHING! Like, simple silkscreen and linoleum techniques!!! Not to mention, HELLO, making friends (which is the print shop’s SECOND favorite thing to do) while making ridiculous holiday presents and cards using pom poms and glitter and elmer’s glue so you won’t have to deal with doing it later (glitter can be a last-minute disaster)!!!

C’mon, people!!! “F” ART LETS GET CRAFTY!!!!!!!!!!! BYOS (bring your own supplies!) . We will provide AWESOME food and drink and MAYBE STEAM SOME CIDER!!! ALSO we have an IPOD!!! AND we refuse to play holiday music!!!! WHAT COULD BE BETTER????

P.S. don’t miss it! cause you’ll feel REALLY SAD when you see the party photos on our flickr and you’re not in ANY of them!

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