Fountain Of Youth Grand Opening

donney barley You’re gonna hurt yourself on that thing.

Thanks to multiple tipsters for passing on some info about Fountain Of Youth, a brand new skate shop opening right here on the West Side® by pro skater Donny Barley. The shop sits right next to our beloved E&O and from what you can see of the ongoing construction it looks really sweet. On Saturday expect an awesome kickoff party starting at 1pm with a ton of pros from the Zoo York team rocking it, celebrity guests (I’m hoping Howie Mandel) and DJ Red Beard on some vinyl trickery. Of course there’s an afterparty at the E&O. (see the flyer after the jump)
And hit this link too while you’re here:Land Of Plenty Skateboard Foundation
Fountain Of Youth, 289 Knight st. Providence, Corner of Knight and Carpenter.


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