Dear Carson, way to cement your reputation as a jackass

scab Carson Daly — likely the late-night host who’s least-able to wing it without his writers — is breaking ranks and crossing the picket line:

NEW YORK (AP) – NBC’s “Last Call with Carson Daly” is about to become the first late- night talk show to defy the writers strike and resume production. Daly, who is not a member of the , will begin taping new episodes of his Burbank-based show this week for airing next week, an NBC spokesperson confirmed Tuesday.

The half-hour “Last Call” airs at 1:35 a.m. EST weeknights, but whether Daly’s first new episode would air next Monday or Tuesday was initially unclear. No guests were disclosed.

“The Writers Guild of America, East joins our colleagues of the Writers Guild of America, West in expressing our profound disappointment with Carson Daly’s decision to return to work,” the guild said in a statement that also commended other late-night talk show hosts for showing solidarity with their writers. “We thank them and hope that Mr. Daly will reconsider his decision, including the soliciting of scab writers to provide material for his program.”

4 thoughts on “Dear Carson, way to cement your reputation as a jackass”

  1. Lukes of Hazzard

    Carson probably can’t afford to keep paying his staff like Letterman and Leno can. Network threatened to fire about 70 people (I believe) unless he went back to work. Seems like he made the practical decision here. He’s not actually a member of the guild. When UPS workers go on strike they don’t call Fed Ex employees scabs for showing up to work?

    I liked unions back when it helped prevent 10 year old kids from getting sucked into machinery at factories. Now they seem a little out dated. How about making a deal for the next few years and then when the revenues from internet mediums can be better quantified go back to the negotiating tables?

  2. Lukes of Hazzard

    Sounded like he prevented the firing of a lot of people (maybe the kind that actually rely on their weekly paycheck). I never liked Carson until just now. Way to go.

  3. What a poor excuse for a human being. Does anyone even watch “Last Call” anyway? Totally worth crossing the picket line, dude!

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