Capital city’s growing pains

Growing Pains Dan Barbarisi has two stories in Thursday’s Projo, which capture some of the more interesting dynamics that have arisen as Providence tries to find itself, again.

There’s his take on last night’s forum on waterfront development, which I wish I’d posted about ahead of time. I certainly sympathize with the concerns expressed by the “Working Waterfront” coalition, but my conversations with various councilmembers leave me confident that they intend to do all they can to maintain existing industry on the waterfront.

And in a story he’s been working on for a while, he details the tensions between Murphy’s and the residents of the Cosmopolitan, into whose first floor the restaurant/bar moved earlier this year:

Michael Egan, president of the Cosmopolitan condo association and a member of the city’s zoning board, said that some of the concerns are legitimate, and that Murphy’s is working to fix the problems.

“There are growing pains, like with anything else. Any new place that’s a mixed-use building is going to have stuff like this,” said Egan, adding that other Cosmopolitan residents are not having any problems with Murphy’s.

[Murphy’s owner] Ferrazzano said that she wants to appease the Graubarts’ concerns, but fears that no change will ever be enough.

“Basically, it was a class issue. Murphy’s wasn’t good enough for her. She virtually said my place was dirty. She’s never going to be happy that I’m here,” she said.

Graubart said that she’d leave, but she fears the financial loss.

“If I could move, I would, but I can’t, because now my place is worth nothing,” she said. “I’d hate for this to happen to someone else, and it is going to happen again.”

2 thoughts on “Capital city’s growing pains”

  1. In their particular case the bar wasn’t there first. though plenty of people do complain about bars that predated them.

  2. You fucking idiot, you moved into a city! What did you expect? The bar was there when you moved in, no? You need to move to Warwick with the rest of the yokels, like now.

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