More good news out of Iowa

Bride of Clinton  Second poll in a week showing Clinton losing her Iowa lead, seemingly for the right reasons — with emphasis on militancy towards Iran.

Obama, an Illinois senator, leads for the first time in the Register’s poll as the choice of 28 percent of likely caucusgoers, up from 22 percent in October. Clinton, a New York senator, was the preferred candidate of 25 percent, down from 29 percent in the previous poll.

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, who led in the Register’s May poll, held steady with 23 percent, in third place, but part of the three-way battle.

Obama’s lead is even stronger among women:

In the new poll, Obama leads with support from 31 percent of women likely attend the caucuses, compared to 26 percent for Clinton. In October, Clinton was the preferred candidate of 34 percent of women caucusgoers, compared to 21 percent for Obama.

On another front — I’m not that good at knowing what people are going to think about things, but am pleasantly surprised that reaction to Clinton’s interview on CBS this week is a strong as it’s been. The interview where she denied ever even considering the possibility that she might lose.

“The Iraqis will greet our troops as liberators with flowers and candy…”

Wait — sorry, that was somebody else, expressing intense hubris in light overwhelming evidence of potential fallibility. Here’s Hillary, being as mindlessly self-aggrandizing as GWB’s ever been, in her own special, uber-maipulative way:

“If it’s not you, how disappointed will you be?” Couric asked.

“Well, it will be me,” she said….

Clearly, she has considered the possibility she won’t be the nominee?

“No, I haven’t,” Clinton said.

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