Tuesday at Brown: “You can kill a revolutionary…”

Fists Matt reminds us that this Tuesday, from 7-9pm at 64 College St, rm 120, (Brown’s List Art building) there will be a discussion with M1 from dead prez called, You Can Kill A Revolutionary But You Can’t Kill the Revolution!:

M 1, aka Mutulu Olugabala, is evidence of the resurgence of political action in the Afrikan (Black) community. As one of half of the fully automatic rap duo dead prez, M-1 and his partner stic.man have been hitting hard with albums like Let’s Get Free, Turn Off the Radio Vol.1, Turn Off the Radio Vol.2: Get Free or Die Trying, and RGB: Revolutionary But Gangsta. He also organized and became the local president of the Brooklyn Chapter of the National Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. In addition, Olugabala has worked with Friends and Family of Mumia-Abu Jamal, the Hands Off Assata organization, and participates in the annual Black August Celebration.

The focus of this lecture will be the examination of the relationship between the black revolutionaries that split from the civil rights movement in the early 1960’s, thus forming the group that would become the Black Panthers, to international movements that evolved from these roots including Hip Hop. The discussion will explore the relationship between organizations like the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC); the black leaders who were spied on, infiltrated, and assassinated by the FBI under COINTELPRO; the Black Liberation Army (the most underground aspect of the Black Panther movement) and its leaders in prison, including Russell “Maroon” Shoatz – former Black Panther and BLA member; the current transition of gangs and street organizations like the Bloods, Latin Kings, & Crips as they evolve into viable political organizations; and the resurgence of interest in the Black Power movement, abolition of the Prison Industrial complex and the death penalty, as well as campaigns to free political prisoners in the US.

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