Greet Hillary at TF Green

College RepublicansCollege Republicans to Welcome Senator Evan Bayh, Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign to RI on Post Road outside of T.F. Green Airport at 3:30 PM Today.

Group plans to gather to thank Hillary for voting for war in Iraq, pledging to keep combat troops there to fight Al Qaeda.

Warwick, RI – Today at 3:30 PM the College Republican Federation of Rhode Island and its chapter members on six campuses throughout the state will gather on the corner of Post Road and Airport Road (Staples Parking Lot) with signs and banners to welcome Senator Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign to Rhode Island, and to thank her for voting for the war in Iraq and for pledging to continue the presence of troops to fight Al Qaeda in Iraq if she is elected President.

Senator Hillary Clinton, who served as College Republican President when she was a student at Wellesley, will benefit from a fundraiser held at 6 PM tonight in Warwick, Rhode Island.”From one former College Republican Chapter President to another, I would like to welcome the campaign of Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton to Rhode Island and thank her not only for the vote she cast in 2002 that authorized the war in Iraq, but also for her recent commitment to keep combat troops in Iraq to fight Al Qaeda if she is elected President next year,” said State Chairman Ryan Bilodeau.”The average Rhode Islander should be proud to have Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the state today,” added Bilodeau.

The College Republican Federation of Rhode Island is an umbrella organization serving student-run clubs on six campuses throughout Rhode Island. The state organization is composed of a five-member elected executive board and appointed members. For more information about the College Republican Federation of Rhode Island, please visit the statewide organization’s website.

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