Olneyville Discount Floor Space

Altantic Mills
Atlantic Mills, from Art In Ruins

I’ve gotten wind of a rumor that Olneyville Discount Furniture (green awning) which currently occupies 3,000 -4,000 square feet of Atlantic Mills may be moving to Eagle Square. Run Away Jim wrote about a Projo article that says PriceRite will be moving from it’s current location adjacent to Atlantic Mills to Eagle Square to fill the void left by Shaw’s. Which makes we wonder where the furniture store would fit in at Eagle Square unless the former Shaw’s location was going to be subdivided. It also makes me worry about what will happen at Atlantic Mills if the larger retail spots start to empty out. I’m hoping for the world’s largest Dunkin’ Donuts, which will would be literally around to corner from everything.

3 thoughts on “Olneyville Discount Floor Space”

  1. Isn’t it also possible Furniture Warehouse will move into one of the other vacant spaces at Eagle Square?

    The red on the cupola is turning pink…. Dunkin’ is not far behind!

  2. It seamed like Supervalue was pretty against dividing the space, but their probably losing a boat load money having the space sit vacant for this long.

  3. It’s possible that the former Shaw’s space will be divided. Price Rite is, I believe, currently smaller than the Eagle Square place. Perhaps they will share it with O’ville Discount Furniture.

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