Valerie Plame at Brown on 11/4

Valerie Plame Wilson Valerie Plame Wilson speaks at 8pm on Tuesday night in Brown University’s Salomon 101, and signing copies of Fair Game: My life as a spy, my betrayal by the White House.

For better or worse, here’s the thrust of the Washington Post’s take on the book:

There is no reason to doubt that Wilson wrote “Fair Game” herself. To put it kindly, the memoir lacks the sheen of a ghostwriter’s work and has the voice of an ordinary person caught up in extraordinary events. It doesn’t help that the CIA redacted the manuscript heavily before approving it for publication. Each time she is about to launch into a juicy anecdote, it seems, lines are blacked out, sometimes for pages on end.

The book is, however, greatly assisted by an afterword by Laura Rozen, a reporter for the American Prospect. Rozen faithfully echoes Wilson’s point of view but fills in many of the censored dates, places and other details from published sources. Readers would be smart to turn to the afterword first, before tackling Wilson’s disjointed narrative.

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