Happy Birthday, Martin Van Buren

Martin Van BurenThe Van Buren Boys   Wednesday 12/5 at the Providence Athenaeum

Happy Birthday, Martin Van Buren – The Final Round. Last year we set out to quietly honor The Red Fox of Kinderhook, who was president when the Athenaeum opened in 1838–and the rest is history. Given the wild emotions that we now know MVB to provoke, we decline to elaborate on the plans for this year’s observance, though we can promise that MVB biographer Ted Widmer will be on hand and we do have a small but impressive display of MVB ephemera kindly donated to the Athenaeum over the past year. Free and open to the public, though perhaps not for the faint of heart. (Sponsor: Antiques & Interiors)

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Martin Van Buren”

  1. Christina Bevilacqua

    Cricket to MVB’s sons?! We must hear more! Please do come, we’ve got a pair of sideburns waiting for you. And a table of cookies and other MVB favorites, though no suet in anything, we promise.

  2. A story has been passed down in my family that my great-great-great grandfather came over to this country from England to teach MVB’s sons how to play cricket. This is one of those facts that has the ring of truth merely because it’s so pathetic who would bother to make it up. But you don’t know my family.

    However, if this great man is finally getting the recognition he deserves I may have to look into it. Do they serve cookies at this affair?

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