Hey, guys — have you heard about the Armory?

The Armory Ugghh… I like the Armory and all. I just don’t understand who the hell these articles are written for. (Or, I mean, with the heavy focus on property values, I guess I do.)

To write so antiseptically about a neighborhood as “heterogeneous” and “affordable” as the Armory, without a discussion of its politics, clashes of culture, and gentrification is to dehumanize it — and diminish the richness that draws so many to it.

2 thoughts on “Hey, guys — have you heard about the Armory?”

  1. In the article when it says the west side is not as white as the east side, what are they driving at? If you’re scared of dark people this neighborhood isn’t for you? White people crazy!

  2. David, the question on everyones’ minds is this: when are you going to pull some strings and make it possible for us to have a Halloween party in the Armory?
    Okay, thanks.

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