Beating back the crazies

It's About Equality  This is sweeter news than I usually wake up to:

PROVIDENCE — Religious leaders from several denominations reaffirmed their support for same-gender marriage today and announced an advertising campaign intended to get that word out and to dispel any impression that religion doesn’t support the policy change.

“We wanted to make the point that there are religious folks who are in favor of same-gender marriage,” said the Rev. Eugene T. Dyszlewski, pastor of the Riverside Congregational United Church of Christ and chairman of the Rhode Island Religious Coalition for Same-Gender Marriage.

1 thought on “Beating back the crazies”

  1. If we didn’t agree with them, we’d be telling them to butt out of public affairs. Why is it that we should care what they say just because they happen to be on our side? Religious leaders have no place in government. Period.

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