Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995)

This is Beth Comery’s first go at it, in blog form. But she’s known and loved by the legions of loyal readers of her weekly screeds in the “Scrabble Club Newsletter.”

Jill Greenberg Kids Fans of ‘Village of the Damned’, or anyone who thinks children are generally creepy and may mean us harm, should head over to the Bell Gallery on College Street. The show, featuring 3 photographers, is called ‘Kids’ and should be seen by any couple contemplating starting a family. Perhaps the best known of the artists is Jill Greenberg who explains that she gets her subjects to scream and cry by taking their candy away — a trick she totally stole from my dad (who was not a photographer).

These pictures are very large and it costs nothing to get in, so this is a great value. The show is scheduled to end on December 21st.

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