Live Tonight: White Mice, Megasus


Tonight at AS220 the only independent record store in Providence (once Tom’s Tracks closes) Armageddon Shop presents and slew of noisy metal and whatnot in the form of White Mice, fresh from a Europe-conquering tour along with Megasus, a Providence supergroup of sorts if you’re a little on the old side. They’re made up of Jason Kendall, formerly of the Royal Crowns and the Deterrents, Ryan Lesser, who I want to say was in Hovercraft, do I have that right? This is going back to ’95 or so, so forgive me. There’s also Brian Gibson who’s in Lightning Bolt of course, and some scrub named Paul Lyons. Just kidding Paul, I’m sure you’re talented! Anyways, Megasus rocks your face just as hard as the name would have you believe. Rounding out the show are Iron Lung from Seattle and Neon Bitches, a newish band from Prov. with members of Dropdead and Straight To Hell.
AS220 9pm: White Mice, Iron Lung, Megasus, Neon Bitches $7

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