Genuine Progress


As a frequent traveller to New York, I’ve been dreaming of this day for some time. The escalator in the Providence train station is, at long last, back in service!

If you’re a PVD-based Amtrak traveller, you probably noticed that the escalator to tracks 1 and 2 stopped working about three years ago. Despite a sign announcing impending service, the roped-off escalator proceeded to collect an embarrassing quantity of dust/cobwebs over the coming years. To many, it appeared that one of our city’s most valuable moving stairways was forever immobilized.

Late last summer though, hope emerged. The escalator was boarded off, and actual construction workers were spotted on site. Over Thanksgiving weekend the escalator was still walled off, but as of yesterday, mobility had been fully restored. I, for one, am overjoyed to see this majestic gateway once again welcome travelers to our fair city.

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