Economic Sanity in Rhode Island

The Monkeys Karen Malcolm of Ocean State Action had this op-ed in the Journal a couple days back, titled The American Dream in Rhode Island:

We don’t have to accept this deterioration of the quality of life for ourselves, our families, our neighbors. We do not have to accept tax cuts that only benefit our most wealthy, while making the load heavier for working people. We don’t have to be deceived by unfair attacks on union families that are fighting for livable wages without questioning the soaring compensation for those at the very top of the income ladder. We don’t have to allow children to be denied RIte Care while for-profit insurers take millions out of our state’s health care system. And we don’t have to forgo safe and affordable child care or investments in our public schools without carefully scrutinizing the millions in special tax treatments given to multinational corporations.

Very important, in light of persistent and disturbing rumors that schools will again see no new state funding next fiscal year. (Meaning cities will be forced to raise regressive property taxes, exacerbating the vicious cycle of poverty, high property taxes, disinvestment, and underperforming schools.)

I hope the Journal starts getting a little introspective: Could it be that the pervasive pessimism of the Paper of Record — in our small state and single media market — could itself be undermining quality of life in Rhode Island? Especially in light of those pesky statistics (here and here) indicating that the amount our residents pay in fees and taxes is exactly normal.

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