More nutty Projo editorials

Paperboy These are staff editorials, mind you, not random letters to the editor. I have a personal prohibition against giving the Journal money, so I’ve just cut and pasted the free abstracts from the archives.

This one’s just about the strangest thing I’ve ever seen:

Big Brother at the orgy
Date: Apr 30, 2005
Section: Editorial

One thing the students may not fully consider is how such experiences might come back to bite them. Baby-Boom parents can be thankful that they misbehaved in the days before everyone had access to computer databases and tiny cameras. One click of the cell-phone camera at a student orgy, and a very compromising picture may end up on thousands of desktops. And this “information” lives forever.

This one is actually dead-on, and waxes on for a while about Waterloo Sunset in particular:

God save the Kinks
Date: Jan 9, 2004
Section: Editorial

The beauty of the Kinks and the reason for their obscurity was the way they deliberately sabotaged their own popularity. At the height of LSD, acid rock and Flower Power, [Ray Davies] eschewed the entire trend and began writing a series of songs about the glories of English traditions: tea and toasted buttered currant buns, village greens, roast beef, dew-soaked leaves and autumn afternoons. This was hardly the stuff to grab Haight-Ashbury…

Damn. I wish I could find that editorial-as-haiku they did a couple years back. And, needless to say, their craziest editorials of all were their endorsements of G.W.Bush in 2000 and in 2004.

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