And it’s not even winter yet (or an election year)

Snow Plow  Ian has the scoop that the Don didn’t even tell Lt. Guv Liz Roberts that he was blowing out of town in front of the big storm:

“We were not informed that the governor would be in Iraq,” Paul Tencher, Roberts’s chief of staff, told me when I asked about this. He says that Roberts learned of Carcieri’s trip “from media sources early yesterday.”

Asked if Roberts’s office was informed in advance of the governor’s travel out of the country, Carcieri spokesman Jeff Neal says, “I do not believe they were.” Asked if there is a protocol for informing Roberts on occasions when Carcieri travels out of state, Neal says, “There is not.”

Meanwhile, the right-wing trolls at RIFuture try to blame Roberts for the terrible plowing — and not the absent Governor whose underlings (and the state constitution) insist that he was still in charge.  (Check out the comments.)

2 thoughts on “And it’s not even winter yet (or an election year)”

  1. So let me get this straight… the same trolls who blamed Katrina victims for not being prepared and for relying on government too much are now crying because a Democrat didn’t come to their rescue during a snowstorm. I guess they had such a tough time “pulling themselves up by their boot-straps” that they really needed a strong, liberal woman to come rescue them from the scary snow.

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