White Light, White Heat

How awesome was the first episode of 7 Ages of Rock on VH1 Classic? Tomorrow night’s installment is called “White Light, White Heat: Art Rock”. We’ll all have to Tivo it, right? And dudes, the last episode sounds sweet; it’s all about classic 90’s Britpop. (VH1 Classic)

3 thoughts on “White Light, White Heat”

  1. that VH1 7 ages of rock special is/was a joke. They mention the 3 obvious bands and that’s about it. Examples: heavy metal special with no mention of blue cheer, no mention of ny dolls in the punk special, i can’t even imagine the utter shittiness of the other episodes. Those specials just pander to the masses who already know the most obvious history of music things.

    You need more education. I recommend you all go Back To Dungaree High.

  2. I watched it as soon as i got home from Scrabble and that old footage is just sooo much fun. I could just watch Keith Moon forever. And I learned so much. Cream didn’t know how to end the songs and stop playing because no one was in charge? “Can’t Explain” was a nod to the Kinks?

    Of course, some of that music and social analysis was a little hard to take. (Frank Zappa once said “Rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read.”)

    JEEZ that show was fun!

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