A conspicuous omission

Eye of Providence This point was raised again the other night — given the funkiness and generally conspiratorial natures of the people who occupy this town and the things that go down in it, why doesn’t anybody make use of the fact that the “all seeing eye” is formally called the “Eye of Providence“?

Whereabouts are the stickers and t-shirts and cocktails and kitchy boutiques? Don’t even think it’s worked its way into the fabric of that re-tread Masonic Temple.

Must be some sort of of conspiracy.

Maybe we should rename this blog. Tim — get on it!

3 thoughts on “A conspicuous omission”

  1. The “Eye of Providence” is an obfuscation of the “Eye of Horus.” They’ve (the founding fathers) wrapped an ancient Egyptian symbol in a triangle (the trinity) in order to make people think it it some kind of Christian symbol. Let’s rename the site “Providence Daily Bloody Sacrifices to Ancient Gods.”

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