Friday — Winter Solstice Show

Winter Solstice AS220 does it right — on a work-day, no-less:

Friday, December 21, 2007

12pm-12am 12-Hour 2007 Winter Solstice Celebration featuring The United Space Rock Coalition

THE UNITED SPACE ROCK COALITION (Mark II) rings in the winter with a 12-hour space rock jam. Oh yes – TWELVE CONTINUOUS HOURS OF MUSIC !! The band who recently backed up Damo Suzuki so successfully will be the core group for the 12 hours with every member of their extended musical family clocking in for an hour or two. Members of V. MAJESTIC, BARNACLED, THE ROBERT JAZZ QUARTET, ALEC K. REDFEARN AND THE EYESORES, THE AMOEBIC ENSEMBLE, THE BUNYANS, SEPTIMANIA, LEMON MUSTACHE, THE PEACOCK, MAHI MAHI and many other FRANK DIFFICULT-related projects. UPDATE! The band has expanded like my pants… now featuring members of Barnacled, The Eyesores, Xerxes, V.Majestic, Manbeard, denimvenom, Work/Death, Holy Cow, The Body, Badman, Mahi Mahi, Glass Shivers, Butcherings, Mudboy, Urdog, Athletic Automaton, Made in Mexico, Drop Dead, Suffering Bastard, White Mice, Bronhard/Going/Public and more! Expect a 40+ piece band performing throughout the day…
Damn, Providence. And it’s Frank’s birthday too, woo woo.

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