Attention Whole Foods shoppers:

Las Vegas Tomatoes It’s about time we all agree to stop confusing the genteel with the progressive. This is out of The Independent:

Whole Foods Market, which recently expanded into Britain with a store in London’s upmarket suburb of Kensington, has been discovered stocking tomatoes from one of the most notorious Florida sweatshop producers. Whole Foods ignored an appeal by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to pay an extra penny a pound for its tomatoes.

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  1. I missed the punch line — Can you explain it again? If this is true, it’s bad enough that they’ll change, but it’s still funny somehow? Lots of faith in Whole Foods, you.

    The unfortunate truth is that, yes, as consumers at the ends of supply chains, you’ve not always got that much say over labor conditions along the line. But if you’re an institutional purchaser, you have a TON of power. And it’s up to consumers and advocates to try to compel the large-scale purchasers to do what’s right.

  2. Give me a break – the “Coalition of Immokalee Workers” have you performed any research on that organization? or do you trust the blog world and The Independent to provide you with factual, balanced reporting?

    If I traced everything you own, have bought, or are thinking about purchasing I’m sure I’d find a questionable supplier somewhere down the line. Whole Foods Market buys their products from reputable producers – if there is any truth to this story, they will stop buying from them – end of story.

    I look forward to seeing your contribution to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers – what a joke!

  3. Lisa fortier

    this surprises me…um NOT AT ALL…just another giant corporation making more $ off the lowest people on the totem pole..I just finished reading “Nobodies” and I highly recommend it unless you don’t REALLY want to know where your favorite tshirt, lettuce or underwear came from…

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