George Mitchell: pick your poison

Mr. Yuk Dave Zirin is a great radical sportswriter, with whom I don’t always agree. But yesterday he had this dead-on excoriation of George Mitchell, which includes a tidbit that I’ve been unaware of:

In a report that excoriates a “steroid era” in the sport, there is no recommendation for Selig to resign. This shouldn’t surprise because Mitchell is part of ownership, sitting on the board of the Boston Red Sox. The report seems more aimed to head off congressional action than deal with how and why steroids make their way into Major League muscles. The problem with the Mitchell Report – the reason why it is so deeply flawed – is the man himself. In the end, the flaws of the messenger have terribly disfigured to the message.

Mitchell’s selection was definitely intended to create a veneer of objectivity about the whole investigation — and I was duped by it. Zirin also notes Mitchell’s service to the tobacco industry, GE in its battles against the Environmental Protection Agency, and the candy industry’s attempt to cover up child- and slave-labor.

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