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 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Ariel points out that the dude’s dealing with a bit of a PR flap today. I’ve wondered for a while — how has such a wholesome career never been bruised by this not-so-wholesome (and well-circulated) ditty from his 1986 Live at Union Square album?

Ready Rock C, but right now, everybody out there

I want everybody out there that’s ugly

all the ugly people be quiet

all the filthy, stinky, nasty people be quiet

all the homeboys that got aids be quiet

all the girls out there that don’t like guys, be quiet

hold on, wait a minute all the girls that don’t like guys be quiet

you know it cause see, what we like to do when we perform is we like to

see how much noise the people can make, right?

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  1. will, like hitler and f. scott fitzgerald, was merely a product of his times. we can’t blame him for the homophobic, sexist, and now anti-semitic, beliefs he spouts because it’s really all uncle phil’s fault.

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