Lights Are Flashing for the Stone Enders’ CD Release Party

In a local music scene so dominated by Noise Rock and other genres with screamy, spit-laden vocals, where do The Stone Enders fit in? I think for most music lovers, there will always be a soft spot for all things pure. The Stone Enders use little effect in their recordings and you can hear all your old friends—real drums, guitar, and piano and a little violin. Their sound can be described as a mixture of American Trad Rock, Folk, and Jam. And while these genres may seem like a thing of the past, there is this melodious folly that is hidden under the surface of the songs, you can’t help but smile and feel in on some very imminent fun. The Stone Enders’ music is truly new and unique–all song written by Providence’s sons, Daniel Cohen and Benjamin Tilchin.

The Stone Enders are celebrating their CD release with the event of the year. The festivities are at 131 Washington Street, Providence, with a sign at the door that reads “Questions Entertainment” next to the Dreyfus Building downtown this Saturday, December 29th, doors at 8pm. This space is above the old Cuban Revolution and is the former location of the Black Rep Theater. Gossip on the street is that AS220 has their eye on this building, too, so come check it out before for your I-knew-it-when mental image.

$20 at the door gets you entry, a copy of their new CD “Lights Are Flashing,” and a non-stop source of booze and snacks to keep you satiated the whole night through. Ellis Ashbrook will join in to play a set inbetween two Stone Ender sets.

So, pull off your tight jeans, your neon colored wristbands and other hipster wear, don your lumberjack flannel coat and maybe a knit cap and enjoy the show! You’re going to love it.

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