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Fear And Loafing On The Campaign Trail

  • Obama, America, finds Clinton campaign to be a total buzzkill.
  • Don’t worry Barry, Hillary’s going to micro-manage that depressing campaign with even more beautiful, beautiful rhetoric.
  • NOLA org. says Edwards “Won’t hesitate to kick the Republicans in the balls.” Republican balls were unavailable for comment.

That’s Entertainment!

  • Oh, that’s where she went. Natasha Lyonne on drugs, jail, and almost dying.
  • Like the rest of America, Britney celebrates her release from mental lockdown by swigging mimosas and wandering the desert.
  • Sir Paul survives coronary angioplasty. Nothing funny about that.

Local Yokels

  • RI, haven for deadly dams? Or; Is there a deadly dam in your neighborhood? Cue scary music, stock footage of News Chopper 12.
  • The ACLU, shocker, gets in on the whole tagging-Middletown-students-with-RIFD-chips-thing. They’re against it, btw.

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