One thing I hate to admit:

Roseberry Is just how much my aesthetic sensibilities end up lining up with David Brussat’s. (My eyes are a bit friendlier to modernism, abstractly. But not in Providence, in practice.)

So let’s forget his more broadly neo-conservative politics, and throw a few hits his way:

David Brussat: Roses and roseberries for 2007

THE SEVENTH YEAR of the first century of the third millennium (Anno Domini) saw the near-completion of four major new building projects downtown. Because Dr. Downtown handed out a “bottomless bucket” of raspberries for GTECH last year, he is going to take a leaf from the book of fisheries management and dispense only roses this year so that the raspberry crop will be able to supply what the doctor fears will be needed next year.

So this year, let’s make roses out of raspberries.

1 thought on “One thing I hate to admit:”

  1. A rose to the Procaccianti Group for its Westin tower addition, whose design, by architect Duncan Pendleberry, expands graciously upon the original neo-Victorian hotel, completed in 1994.

    I hope that rose is covered in puke, the new Westin is even uglier than its little brother.

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