News Slap!

Got news if you want it:

  • Bloomberg: running, not running, whatev.
  • WH predicts 45% approval rating for Bush’s “legacy year”.
  • Kucinich wants New Hampshire recount. Dear Dennis: you are annoying enough as it is, please stop with the nonsense.
  • GOP debate: really just a bunch of old white yelling millionaires.
  • Janice Dickenson says Stallone “juiced” her in her sleep.
  • Two cons try a ‘Weekend At Bernie’s” hiest, blow it.

4 thoughts on “News Slap!”

  1. I’m not as familiar with Glamour as you seem to be. That’s a good link though…I forgot about that story.

  2. What’s your beef with Rep. Kucinich? Massive irregularities in two elections, but you think these Diebold machines are now just fine in 2008? Maybe you missed this from Ohio last month, but my guess is Congressman Kucinich (OH) didn’t.

    The study released Friday found that voting machines and central servers made by Elections Systems and Software; Premier Election Solutions, formerly Diebold; and Hart InterCivic; were easily corrupted.

    The academic team, made up of faculty members and students from Cleveland State University, Pennsylvania State, the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Pennsylvania, said systemic change was needed. “All of the studied systems possess critical security failures that render their technical controls insufficient to guarantee a trustworthy election,” the team wrote.

    Sorry a functional Democracy is too annoying for you, duuude.

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