A challenge to the leather fetishists:

ABBA - Eine Karriere in Bildern Throw a better pool party!!!! We could’ve had a more fun time at Mirabar on any random Tuesday night. In fact, we did — this week.

And is music too much to ask for? Even some ABBA would’ve sufficed — certainly better than the argon buzz of the GTECH logo that loomed over the ‘festivities.’


1 thought on “A challenge to the leather fetishists:”

  1. I notice that there is a special event for ‘Kinky Jews’. Is this necessary (or even desirable)? Are they just trying to avoid the Kinky Palestinians? Wouldn’t this be an ideal opportunity for some cathartic, controlled, UN-sanctioned ass-whooping? Parachute word… Madeleine Albright!!!!!!!

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