You know he’s right

coolmoose Robert J. Healey Jr., former Cool Moose candidate for Lieutenant Governor, restated his position in Saturday’s ‘Letters’ section of the Providence Journal, that this office should be completely eliminated. He writes (of the Rhode Island legislature) that “…these numskulls are considering expanding a useless office.” Well, I know firsthand that at least two of those skulls are far from numb, so let me get that cleared up so there are no hard feelings. But one thing we did learn from last December’s snow storm debacle, the office of Lieutenant Governor has been ‘deleted’ in practice if not in the Constitution (she had no idea the Governor had left the country.) Let’s give real consideration to this money-saving idea.

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  1. I’d say that the office shouldn’t be expanded, in the sense that it shouldn’t grow in size or budget. But so long as it exists, why not give it actual authority? Things might’ve been better had Roberts been in a position to give orders during the storm.

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