Erik and Clay = Bad Dudes

Bad DudesVideo games should be programmed in their honor:

Update: Food terminal demolition begins, plus protesters

PROVIDENCE — Carpionato Properties began demolishing the old food and produce terminal on Harris Avenue this afternoon, soon after a judge’s ruling allowing it.

But the developer was forced to halt work for a time when several men — and a man’s dogs — stood on the building to try to stop the demolition in hopes that an appeal of the ruling would be filed.

The police, arriving about 4:25 p.m. after Carpionato Properties called them, told Erik Bright, who had two dogs with him, Clay Rockefeller and others they would have to get off the building or be charged with tresspassing. They got off the building, and Carpionato has resumed demolition work.

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  1. Who’s the idiot that forget to include Carpionato not being allowed to demo this building in the contract? Any chances of us getting $7 mil. back from them?

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