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Primal_Scream-Screamadelica_bL.O.A.D.E.D. (it stands for nothing) is back and tonight I’ll speak for myself (and K-Leav) by saying I’m going to play a shitload of Primal Scream. Who the hell were Primal Scream? Yikes! I’ll give you a brief video primer on their classic Screamadelica album after the jump. Meanwhile, as always we’ll be at Local 121 tonight for our Tuesday night romp thru all the britpop, indie rock and glam classics you can handle. We like to party.
Local 121, 10pm, free!

Screamadelica, the video primer:

Primal Scream released Screamadelica in 1991, but I didn’t get into it until the mid 90’s as I was raised in the country with no internet, which hadn’t been invented yet. Rolling Stone and Spin didn’t talk about bands like Primal Scream so I never heard of them until I moved to Rhode Island. But somewhere around ’96 my close friend and I stumbled upon the Scream and we hit Screamadelica hard. Obviously Primal Scream, had decided that they should combine their two favorite things: The Stones, and Chicago house music. The album itself is a deft mashup of jangled and tangled guitars, stolen directly from the Rolling Stones songbook and liberally laced with synthetic horn lines, gospel choruses, and deep, clubby 808 beats. The album throbs and pulses with a druggy fever, and it was the soundtrack to countless drunken, stoned nights in our apartment. I can’t say I entirely miss what I remember of those years but when I hear Screamadelica, I’m 22 again, and I’m loaded. Screamadelica was our Exile on Main Street, which was also our Exile on Main Street when we didn’t feel like listening to Screamadelica, which wasn’t often. It was a dub record in every sense of the word; bare bones rock-n-roll stripped down and built back up in the studio, piece by piece into a towering monolith of acid drenched yet surprisingly soft-spoken neon insanity. Here’s some videos…

Movin’ On Up

The album’s call-to-arms opener. This track encompasses the entire sound of the album in its first epic song.


Mostly instrumental, but with a few choice “Aww Yeahs!”, this track epitomizes the dub asthetic of the album.

Come Together

Who’d think that country rock and English house music would sound so beautiful together?

Higher Than The Sun

Dark and terrifying, turn the bass up way loud for this one. Sums up the brutal consequences of staying up all weekend and not eating.

Rocks Off

“Rocks Off” was on the follow up to Screamadelica, Give Out But Don’t Give Up, which was mostly weak but “Rocks Off” is pretty ace. The band sort of abandoned the dubbier aspects of its sound and went with some straight-ahead country cock rock, to mixed results. Plus George Clinton produced some of it, so, uhg.Primal Scream went on to make one of my favorite albums ever, 2000’s XTRMNTR, which deserves a post of its own, for another time. Consider yourself edutained.

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