Parking in the sky

Ferris-Wheel Parking Garage The Projo’s reporting on the proposal for a Ferris-wheel-ish parking structure on Weybosset St:

PROVIDENCE — A Florida company is proposing what may soon be the strangest part of the Providence skyline: a pair of 13-story, translucent parking towers that operate like Ferris wheels, loading cars at the ground level and then moving them high up into the structure for storage.

The Weybosset Street project would be the first public parking garage of its kind in the continental United States, said Douglas Dodd, chief operations officer of Mechanical Vertical Parking, Inc., the West Palm Beach, Fla., company backing the project.

Here’s footage of one of these things at work:


The 216 spaces that the project would house amount to maybe 10% of those that downtown needs right now. (It’s an awkward situation: I’d rather people not drive, but in order to make downtown a place where people want to work and live — which will mean more density there, and a better public transit system — we need more parking first.)

4 thoughts on “Parking in the sky”

  1. Cool, but there’s no way your average visitor from Cranston is going to be able to get their Chevy Suburban in that one. The carrier is going to have be be bigger than that.

  2. Thou it looks like a cool concept…..

    What concerns me is the fact that the residential community downtown has been led to believe that a municiple lot could be in the future. A fair price to pay for visitors to our city, as well as a resonable cost for overnite parking.

    Curious to know if that idea is still in the works and secondly whose pockets are going to benifit from this lot, surely not the taxpayers and voters of Providence.

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