Council does its bidness

SEIU Justice for Janitors Last night the City Council did a few things. Reversing the order in which the Projo engages them:

It passed a resolution decrying Providence College’s god-awful treatment of its janitors, whose contract is up.

In other action last night, members unanimously approved a resolution expressing support for the janitorial employees of Hurley of America, which provide the janitorial work at Providence College and who, according to council members, have been subject to harassment and intimidation for their attempt to secure continued healthcare and better wages.

Aponte said 1,000 students and faculty have signed petitions in support of the janitors. A rally to support them is at the main entrance of the college at 3 p.m. today. NOTE: RALLY ON TUESDAY, NOT TODAY.

The Council also kept hammering away at the administration over the snowstorm of a month ago. (Gotta feel a bit sorry for Finance Committee chair John Igliozzi — his fascination with comic book heroes makes me know he’d have loved wielding the super-power of the subpoena. And would’ve employed it only to forward truth, justice, and the American way.)

The panel will be unpaid and drawn from outside city government. In a last-minute amendment approved last night, the members of the panel will be appointed by Council President Peter Mancini, who has close ties to the mayor. The original measure had the chairman of the Finance Committee, Igliozzi, appointing the chairman, and the new panel’s chairman appointing the others.

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