Juniper appears on Thayer Street


Those of you who have recently spent time in New York or LA (or who have recently seen the American Express plum card commercial) have likely come across Pinkberry (and also maybe Red Mango, which actually started in South Korea). Pinkberry serves frozen yogurt, but unlike traditional frozen yogurt, which is basically tastes like bad ice cream, this frozen yogurt tastes like—get ready for this—cold yogurt! In fact, Pinkberry’s frozen dessert comes in just two flavors, original and green tea, but they also offers a variety of fresh fruit and cereal-style toppings. The result is an intriguing/refreshing/addictive flavor.

I do not expect Pinkberry or Red Mango to arrive in Providence any time soon. Fortunately, Juniper, a new store on Thayer Street, has come to fill the void (it’s right next to Tealuxe). Like Pinkberry, Juniper offers only a few flavors of yogurt, along with a variety of toppings. So far I have only tried original, but it too is sweet, refreshing and yogurt like. It’s also a bit less tangy than Pinkberry’s, tasting more like vanilla yogurt and less like plain. At first I was a little disappointed by the discrepancy, but after a few spoonfuls my taste buds happily adjusted. If you’re on Thayer Street, and it’s not too close to freezing, I encourage you to give Pinkberry Juniper a try (plus they give out free samples). Plus, if you’re with someone who craves a more traditional and/or fattening frozen dessert, Cold Stone Creamery is right across the street, and Ben and Jerry’s is just blocks away.

Additional Fact: Juniper is not a chain, and thus does not have a website I can link to.

5 thoughts on “Juniper appears on Thayer Street”

  1. Juniper is not a chain, and thus does not have a website I can link to.

    What the hell kind of statement is that? You imply that only chains have websites. You can’t be serious.

  2. just the idea that this is almost like pinkberry, has already made me think that i am addicted to juniper, even though i have only had pinkberry once. i will be going to this place tonight.

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